I – GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS of using the “inbusto” website and web shop

  1. Please read this Agreement carefully. By accessing and using this website or using any of its parts or services available through the “inbusto”website (www.inbusto.com),

you agree to the Terms and Conditions set forth below, and to that effect the Agreement shall be deemed signed. This Agreement is concluded between ON9 GROUP DOO / “inbusto” and the user.

  1. The web store named “inbusto” (www.inbusto.com) is a registered web store and brand of ON9 GROUP DOO company, providing only online service.


  1. In this Agreement, unless the context requires otherwise, the following names mean:
  2. “Chart” represents a collection or list of products or services that you have compiled according to your interest, and represents your selection.
  3. If you register with us for services and comply with the other items of this Agreement, you can get help using services and purchasing products from the “inbusto” online store.
  4. “Web shop” means the website: www.inbusto.com
  5. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. All changes and additions to the conditions will be published online at the web shop: www.inbusto.com

    You as a user can cancel this Agreement via a written document (by mail or e-mail to [email protected]) if you do not want to agree to the new terms and conditions that we offer you. However, continued use of the Service or the Website will be deemed acceptance of the new terms.


  1. Application of Terms: Use of the Services and the Website are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.
  2. Age: To use the web shop and/or service (either with or without registration), you must be 18 years of age or older.
  3. Place of use: The web shop and the home delivery service are currently aimed exclusively at those who have accessed our web shop from Montenegro.
  4. Equipment and connection: To use the website and/or services, you need to provide computer equipment and an Internet connection. We are not responsible for telecommunication costs or other costs that may arise from using our web shop.
  5. Registration: You can use our web shop without registration, however, by registering for services, you will be able to use more functionality of our website. We reserve the right to refuse a new registration or cancel an old registration at any time.


  1. We do not guarantee that the web shop will work without errors and we do not take responsibility for any errors or omissions. In case of an error in the service, the error should be reported via e-mail to: [email protected]
  2. We do not guarantee that your use of the services or web shop will be uninterrupted and that all information you receive through the service or on the web shop will always be timely, accurate and reliable.
  3. We have taken all technical measures to ensure that you stay safely at the “inbusto” web shop, but we do not guarantee that by using our services or the web shop, your computer will not be infected with a virus or that it will not have any other unwanted effect caused by computer technology.
  4. We have taken all technical actions and measures to ensure that the service works smoothly, but we do not guarantee that access to the service and/or web sop will not be disturbed, and as a result, our service may be suspended, limited or terminated in any moment.
  5. We reserve the right to change, replace, suspend or remove without notice any information or service on the web shop or occasionally part of the service or notice. Your access to the web shop and/or services may also be limited from time to time due to servicing, maintenance or introduction of new content or services. Such interruptions will be as short as possible.
  6. We do not assume any responsibility for the content or services of any other website or service and/or content to which the web shop or service has a link.
  7. We assume no responsibility for the functionality of your web browser.
  8. We reserve the right to block access and/or edit or remove any material that violates any of the clauses of this agreement or the business interest of any contributor, supplier or lessee of advertising space.


  1. If you or someone else, with your permission, uses the web shop or service contrary to this Agreement, we can suspend the use of some service and / or web shop (in whole or in part).
  2. If we once suspend the use of the service or the web shop, we can permanently refuse to use the service or the web shop again, or possibly until we receive a written guarantee from you that there will be no further violation of the provisions of this Agreement.


  1. “inbusto” service (with registration for this service) allows you to:
  2. Access to information about products, product prices and services is possible even without registration
  3. Various types of comparison of products, prices of products and services
  4. If you register with us for the services of the “inbusto” service, it makes it even easier for you to interact with us.

V – Offers

  1. As part of our web service, we offer items that are currently in stock, however, we cannot guarantee that the offer is available at every moment of your viewing and placing the product in the basket.
  2. Products that are not in stock, and you order them, will not be charged to you (in the case of online payment), and in that case you will be informed about it through the status of your basket.
  3. We may use various algorithms to filter and select offers that we believe are suitable and appropriate for display. Our selection is based on our own internal matches and filtering criteria. We will try, whenever possible, to exclude all subjective factors and views so that the review is in accordance with fair and honest practice and unbiased.


  1. The given prices are informative.
  2. While using the service and comparing prices, we can have insight into the contents of your basket and can:

– Offer alternative items that have a lower price or better value (meaning a lower cost per unit). Alternative items are automatically added to your basket (it is not a rule that they will always be automatically added), and you can decide whether to accept them or not.

– Offer alternative items in the sense that we suggest trade to a lower level (cheaper products). These alternative items are automatically added to your cart (it is not a rule that they will always be automatically added) and you can decide whether to accept or not.

– Replace unavailable items. In that case, these replacement items will be automatically added to your cart (it is not a rule that they will always be added automatically), while you can reject the item and then one item will be missing from your cart. You will be informed of this before completing the purchase.

– Regardless of whether the items in your basket are added automatically or not, you always have the option to refuse to buy such items.

– You are always free to ignore the proposed alternatives and reject automatic substitutions – equivalents for unavailable items. It is your responsibility to check that alternative offers and exchanges are acceptable to you.

VII – SEQUENCE of display, grouping of products and special offers

  1. As part of our service, you will be offered products based on different criteria. The criteria may change over time. Some of the criteria are:

– Display of products and services is in alphabetical order;

– Products and services can be sorted by the rank of the brand itself, from the leading brand downwards (by the number of products offered by the brand or by popularity on the website, etc.);

  1. We will try to display products and services based on your selected criteria, but the display itself may depend on sponsored items that may appear in any position. The presentation or ordering of products and services is done using our algorithms made on the basis of certain assumptions and certain internal thoughts. We will make efforts to display products and services according to your chosen criteria, but we do not guarantee that our order of all products and services will always be completely objective. This means that we can choose the display of certain products and services that can vary depending on the criteria selected by “inbusto”, and based on subjective criteria (sponsored items, etc.).


  1. As part of the Purchase on the “inbusto” website, you will be offered vouchers or gift coupons.
  2. Vouchers are online coupons intended for all users of the website, with the use of which a discount is obtained when purchasing.
  3. Vouchers have their own term, and when using the voucher, you are obliged to check the terms and conditions related to the specific voucher (check durability and limitations).


  1. Web shop “inbusto” delivers goods in the territory of Montenegro.
  2. The ordered goods will be sorted approximately as they are grouped and divided by categories on the web shop, and packed for transport so that they cannot be damaged by normal handling during transport.
  3. The ordered goods will be delivered to “Posta Crna Gora – Posta Express” within the period defined on the invoice depending on the value, weight, number of packages, mileage and place of delivery from the moment of ordering. “inbusto” web shop reserves the right to change the free delivery for purchases over 30 Euros. “inbusto” web shop reserves the right to change the delivery price for purchases under 30 Euros.
  4. The delivery of the order is delivered to the Posta Crna Gora carrier within 1 working day at the latest. “ON9 GROUP DOO / inbusto” cannot be held responsible for the delay in delivery.
  5. If a product is missing in relation to the ordered goods, the order will be delivered without that product and will not be charged.
  6. For purchases made through the Glovo application, which is valid in Podgorica, the responsibility of transportation belongs to the Glovo courier. ON9 GROUP / inbusto is not responsible for problems arising from transportation.


  1. When taking over the ordered goods, the customer is obliged to check the contents of the delivery and in the event of any errors in the delivery or damage to the goods, immediately notify the delivery person who delivered the goods. Do not pick up the goods if there are visible external damages. If you are not satisfied with the ordered article, you can return it, with the fact that a record must be drawn up, where the reason for returning the goods must be clearly stated. Reasons for returning goods can be: damaged packaging and inadequate product. When returning defective and/or damaged goods, the invoice amount will be reduced on the spot by the cost price of the returned item.
  2. The correctness of the order is checked when taking it over, and subsequent complaints are not accepted.
  3. Products with hygiene tapes cannot be returned. Returns of products such as baby clothes, underwear, stockings, swimwear and bikinis are absolutely unacceptable.


  1. Cash payments are made to the Postal Crna Gora courier or Glovo courier. It is the payer’s responsibility to request an invoice for the purchase from the courier.A product without an invoice cannot be requested to be changed. For payments made by Bank Transfer, the name, surname and order code of the orderer must be written in the explanation part. Otherwise, “ON9 GROUP / inbusto” cannot be held responsible for any delay in delivery. The invoice of the payments made through the bank is sent in the product package purchased and as an e-mail.
  2. The payer is responsible for paying for the product, i.e. transaction and transfer of funds to ON9 GROUP DOO.
  3. Using the web shop is currently free for all visitors to the “inbusto” web shop. ON9 GROUP DOO reserves the right to charge for the service in the future for certain services that were previously free. You will always be informed in good time about any changes before you are exposed to any cost. In case of billing for a service in the future, we will ask you for such details.


  1. As part of the “inbusto” Web Shop service, you may be sent messages (e-mail, sms, etc.) that may contain offers or other information about the products and services you may have chosen. We do not assume any responsibility for the accuracy and/or completeness of the information provided (by e-mail, printed from other websites, etc.), however, we will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that any information or suggestions you receive in the message be accurate.
  2. By sending (leaving) your e-mail in any capacity, you agree that “inbusto” and its associates, as well as companies with which ON9 GROUP DOO has a contractual relationship, can use your e-mail address to inform you about the status of your basket, but also in other purposes related to the product or service, as well as for administrative purposes.


  1. As part of the service and on the web pages, we may allow you to post, opinion or other comments regarding the product or service. We may, at our sole discretion, remove your posts, opinions or other comments at any time, and they will no longer be visible to other site visitors.
  2. By sending any content to the “inbusto” pages in the form of a post, opinion or comment, you declare:

– That you are the author of such content and the owner of all intellectual property rights therein;

– That all the contents you published are correct, i.e. that there is no false, inaccurate or misleading information;

– That you are at least 18 years old;

– That the content you posted does not violate any of the terms of this Agreement and is not offensive in any way.


  1. Registration allows you to order, buy and send the “Basket” that you selected in the form of an order directly to “inbusto” and thus establish direct contact with us.
  2. Your use of our Web-Shop is entirely at your own risk.
  3. The content of the “inbusto” web shop is as it is presented and is available when it is available, and we will try to make it practical for use and available 24 hours – 365 days a year.
  4. “inbusto” disclaims any guarantees, including but not limited to the guarantee of availability, accuracy of information, content of information and services.
  5. “inbusto” does not guarantee that the site will work without errors, downtime or interruptions.
  6. “inbusto” does not guarantee that the server on which the page is hosted is not or will not be infected with a virus.

ON9 GROUP DOO / “inbusto” as a company, any of the owners, directors, managers, agents, associates (collectively or individually) is not and cannot be responsible for any type of eventual damage, including but not limited to direct, indirect or consequential damage based on the use or non-use of the website or some of the website services.

For any additional information, please contact us:

Viber/Whatsapp: +38268603425 – every working day 09:00-16:00

[email protected][email protected]

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